What People Say

Gary A HarrisNational Project Co-ordinator – Telstra MobileNet

The development in the MobileNet Sales and Marketing

Management team exceeded all expectations. The

significance of the programme cannot be under-estimated.”


Christine M Donnelly Clemenger

“I wanted to reward my team as well as stimulate them. Your indoor and outdoor facilitation

certainly lifted the awareness of my team’s need to communicate and solve problems together to a

new level.”


Martin WardManaging Director – Selleys

“The DNA Simulation was the critical starting point… We developed our own dominant thought… and that was the key to Selley’s success and once everybody was onboard with the dominant thought process, the rest was relatively easy as everyone knew where we were going.

K N NashDirector – Consolidated Constructions

“It is so easy to become blasé about our jobs, that we forget we can become either victims or

creators of our own destiny. It was fascinating to see 100% of the team agree to what we

need to do ‘as a team’ to ensure not only our security but a

more profitable bottom-line.

Melissa ArnottManager of Education and Business Services – Premiere Information Systems

“After attending ‘Soul Selling’ and reinforcing what I learnt through your CD’s, I can now join

together all the knowledge that I have about human nature and all that I have about business and

use them in my day to day life. With results too!”


Colin Bold Distribution Business development Manager – Colonial State Bank

“I have received excellent feedback and comment from franchisees who participated in the Group

Simulation. The use of this activity met our corporate objective of building team work amongst



Walter BugnoPast President – Campbell’s Arnott’s Asia Pacific

“15 years ago Paul introduced me to the concept that there is more to leadership and driving

performance than just financials, processes & systems, that it was about culture, soul, love, heart & passion. Since then, every company that I’ve worked at I’ve adopted the philosophy of putting people first, of motivating with the heart, about leading with the heart rather than the head, and giving people the freedom to achieve their innermost desires, and it’s worked! It has made us successful”

Prue FosterEducation Manager – Club Management Development Australia

“Very positive – promoted a sense of self worth” “10 out of 10 to Paul” “Outstanding” “Fantastic…

best presenter I’ve heard” “Excellent facilitator – got the room thinking and people participating”

Stuart GallardRegional General Manager – GEC Electrical Wholesale

“The theme of quality through Communication and teamwork was achieved absolutely, and through your

practical demonstrations has enabled each and every team member to believe in their ability to

achieve their goals both professionally and personally.”

Steve JacksonNational Aftermarket Service manager – Volvo Truck Australia

“I was quite reserved about going ‘all the way’ with the team building events that you recommended,

but I am so glad that we did. The results were out- standing.”

Steven MulherinManaging Director – AIM Newspaper Group

“The techniques learnt via your seminar have since been implemented throughout my organization,

with extremely pleasing results. My staff particularly those involved with sales have shown

increased motivation and productivity, and their work ethic has improved significantly.”


Mark CairneyFounder of the Cruising Yacht Club Australia

"Over the years Paul has had over a thousand written endorsements where people have taken the time

to explain how the message of You Can Change Your DNA has had an impact on their lives and their

organisations. The following are some highlights."

M A RogersManaging Director REKO Pty Ltd

“Paul and his staff have been involved in many different forms of sales and management training and

motivation. Many times he has been successful in motivating disinterested staff members into

becoming high achievers in their respective fields.”


Graham AllenManaging Director – The Pluim Group of Companies

“The program you facilitated for us was outstanding.

It helped each of my team members to, not only see themselves in a positive light, but helped to

create superior strategies for the future.”


Elliot RoperNational Manager Licensed Stores Goodyear Auto Service Centre

“Our expectations were not only met but exceeded. The quality, drive and empowerment of your team

was impressive and your keynote address on ‘Living Above The Line’ was judged by dealers as the high- light of the

entire conference.”

Lynn DanielTraining Manager – Janssen-Cilag

“The group was highly motivated after the session. You challenged their current way of thinking and

pushed their boundaries in a very positive an fun way.”


Neil EdwardsManaging Director REKO Pty Ltd

“Paul and his staff have been involved in many different forms of sales and management training and

motivation. Many times he has been successful in motivating disinterested staff members into

becoming high achievers in their respective fields.”

Sam Issa“The DNA Simulation was the only training that we were able to carry on using for many years to come.”

“The DNA Simulation was the only training that we were able to carry on using for many years to come.”

David TarentoNSW State Manager – Comalco

“We are planning our third and fourth courses. That really says it all”


David ThompsonManaging Director Australia/New Zealand – IXOS Software Australia

“…your coaching and facilitation has played a significant role here at IXOS.” “Whether delivering

a strategic event at a conference or running a sales meeting, the personal and professional

attention you contribute is outstanding.”


Kym LewisGeneral Manager Marketing – Goodyear Tyre & Rubber

“…you have exceeded my expectations, no simple task.” “The overall feedback has been absolutely

fantastic, and I am sure that it will have a lasting impact on our relationship with the dealers.

Your presentations on ‘Living Above The Line’ were highly rated by the group and the message was

well received by them.”


Lew Campbell-SmithMarketing Manager – Clarion Australia

“Your programme exceeded our expectations as well as gained the team’s commitment to reinforce the

proven principles once again in their professional sales careers.”


Mr Alistair FeehanGeneral Sales Manager – Val Morgan Cinema Advertising

“What can I say, we probably had the best conference to date, and the training session you held was

probably the best I have attended. ‘Soul Selling’ is just such a solid

concept and had so much practical application that it provided all of our people with, at a

minimum, a great insight into themselves. It also pointed us in the right direction in regard to

the management of the individuals for whom we are responsible. The feedback has been unanimous and

so positive that it would be remiss of me not to write and tell you how much the management

appreciated the day.”


J J Tully General Manager – Retail – Fujitsu

“Often with highly motivated people, it is difficult to find programs that will stretch

participants as well as educate them. You delivered a program that did both of these things

exceedingly well.”


Neil Edwards Zone Sales Manager Westpac Financial Services

The sailing activity was well coordinated and professional. The feedback from my Management team

can be summed up as “Fantastic, Great, Excellent. The best conference I have

attended”. It was a great day which exceeded my expectations and showed my team that goals,

Communication and teamwork are essential.”


John StewartPast CEO – Ferrier Hodgson

“The whole concept of the DNA Simulation worked for us.”

Paul G LewidShell FORCE Franchise Manager – Shell Australia

“The theme we wished to pursue was customer service and in particular how our Franchisees could

improve their profitability at the same time as they improved customer service. The ‘Performance

Empowerment Programme’ helped to get this message across successfully.”


Cheryl WannellGeneral Manager – Val Morgan Cinema Advertising

“You are the first facilitator to use games such as ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘The Gatekeepers’ to

express and really drive home the message on the necessity to plan effectively, and the value in

understanding staff and co-manager’s behaviour

profiles. I had my initial hesitations on this type of process, but I am now a true believer in

this being a great way to demonstrate and see the results a company can achieve.”


Ken WrightGeneral Manager – Westpac Banking Corporation

“I recently attended with my team of Regional Managers, the seminar ‘Life, Living or Losing’

conducted by Paul. This seminar was more of a working session and very valuable to me and my team.

Paul pulled together key concepts for success and related them in a way that worked for sales

people and also sales team leaders.”

Bram Van Der Schaar General Manager – Sales Volvo Truck Australia

“We discussed the need to debrief and lock in on the dealers to own a number of our key outcomes.

You actually went into the field, and carried out extensive research so delivery would be truly

customised. The outcome was excellent and all our team thoroughly enjoyed and still refer to the

experience. You delivered as promised.”


Hans Sarlemyn JP ACCM FCIAGeneral Manager – Western Suburbs Leagues Club

“Paul’s presentation and conduct of the team building exercise was extremely professional and the

staff found Paul and his training highly motivational. The Club’s staff enjoyed the training workshops and gained a

great deal from them.”


Professor Denis Wakefield


On a beautiful summer’s day last year I attended a conference organized by Paul Hannan to help our medical school through a very difficult time as we underwent an amalgamation of three previously fiercely independent schools within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

As the head of this newly formed school I approached this meeting with great trepidation. I was depending on Paul to bring us together so that we could start to function as a single consolidated unit and not three warring factions. It was thus with considerable dismay that Paul opened the meeting by telling us that he was going to talk about DNA, the reticular activating system (RAS) and our soul. I reflected to myself that this could not be happening. Here I was in a meeting of distinguished professors of medicine, physiology, anatomy and biochemistry being told by a business consultant that he was going to tell us all about subjects with which half the audience were world experts and the other half had probably taught these subjects for decades to medical students.

Fortunately it soon transpired that DNA was not the acronym for the genetic material in our chromosomes that is the stuff of life, but rather a Dominant Neurological Agenda, something much more relevant to the present circumstance. In fact after two days of our conference I thought our DNA had changed and certainly we left the meeting with a dominant neurological agenda and a new dominant thought that has continued to be one of the major driving forces that helped to unite our school.

This concept of “helping each other to teach and discover” now appears as our dominant neurological agenda, the footnote on all our official correspondence.

In contrast, the RAS or reticular activating system did stand for the anatomical structure in our brain, which was well known to all the scientists in the audience. However, Paul’s interpretation of the function of the reticular activating system was somewhat different to the classical teaching of the physiologists and anatomists.

The reticular activating system was central to Paul’s concept of the connectivity of our external world and its sensory input, our soul and our subsequent behavior. It is the channel through which all information flows and therefore plays a central role in his concept of “soul talk” and the role of the soul influencing our behaviors and attitudes.

This conference had a profound effect upon my colleagues and me. No one challenged Paul’s definitions of DNA, RAS or the soul but rather saw the deeper purposes of his system and accepted the concept that it is important to fill the soul with life affirming beliefs that could influence behavior and drive us to achieve greater collegiality and happiness. This profound concept serves as a driving force to help in the consolidation of our work and activities within our school and to make it a happier and more productive place in which to work.

I commend Paul Hannan to all those who are brave enough to challenge themselves and change their DNA.

PrincewaterhouseCoopers LLP – San Jose CA
To Whom It May Concern:


The San Jose office of PricewaterhouseCoopers engaged Paul Hannan to deliver his Simulation to approximately, one hundred of our assurance partners and managers. The event was an outstanding success and we attribute this to the following factors.

Firstly Paul approached the assignment by diligently investing time upfront to fully understand the unique dynamics of our office, the strategic challenges we were wanting to address on the day and the broad cultural representation that is a characteristic of our office. Secondly Paul took these strategic areas and customized his delivery to ensure our issues were addressed seamlessly throughout the day.


Thirdly, but most importantly, Paul passionately believes in what he says, and his delivery was inspirational, relevant and provided the catalyst for personal and corporate change.


Our people found the Simulation fun, stimulating and personally challenging and we are enjoying a number of tangible benefits from participating in Paul’s simulation.


Yours truly,
Rod Dring – Principal Assurance

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