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What People Say

“15 years ago Paul introduced me to the concept that there is more to leadership and driving

performance than just financials, processes & systems, that it was about culture, soul, love, heart & passion. Since then, every company that I’ve worked at I’ve adopted the philosophy of putting people first, of motivating with the heart, about leading with the heart rather than the head, and giving people the freedom to achieve their innermost desires, and it’s worked! It has made us successful”.

Walter Bugno
Past President – Campbell’s Arnott’s Asia Pacific

“The DNA Simulation was the critical starting point… We developed our own dominant thought… and that was the key to Selley’s success and once everybody was onboard with the dominant thought process, the rest was relatively easy as everyone knew where we were going.” 

Martin Ward,
Managing Director – Selleys

“The DNA Simulation was the only training that we were able to carry on using for many years to come.” 

Sam Issa,
Past National Sales Manager – Val Morgan

“The whole concept of the DNA Simulation worked for us.” 

John Stewart,
Past CEO – Ferrier Hodgson