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The thoughts in this clip are directly from my latest book. Stay tuned for more clips from my book launch. Thank you for investing your time and mind into You Can Change Your DNA.


DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is the blueprint that exists at the conception of life.

It sets the parameters for our emotional/physical/mental/spiritual being to unfold and be revealed to the world. As real as the DNA of our body is, so too is the DNA (Dominant Neurological Agenda) of our Soul.

The business of the Soul is everybody’s business. It is not just the business of religion. As your Soul prospers, so will everything else. When fear controls our Soul it triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses, and activates more than 30 different hormone neurotransmitters. Effective personal change will not happen by chance and random process, but only by Creative Intelligence and Enthusiasm!

When we know that faith and fear are not “JUST” emotions but forces within us that have chemical and electrical representations in our body we are in the domain of the Soul. Emotions such as hate, demand more and more space physically in the brain, like weeds they grow in abundance crowding everything else out. Essentially the currency of our body is chemicals, electromagnetic energy directed by the Soul. Far from being an evolutionary luxury, our beliefs are encrypted deep in our genetic code. Changing our DNA is happening all the time. Our Soul is the door that opens the best production of the right chemicals to live a life that overcomes all adversity.

Our own Soul is the sleeping giant for Transformation.

Soul Science

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Paul Hannan

Paul is a business and life Coach working with individuals as well as small and medium enterprises. He is an internationally experienced Speaker, Teacher and Facilitator. He and Annemarie have four children and four grandchildren, and are currently based in Sydney Australia. He now dedicated his time and wisdom to individuals, families and organisations living and operating in today’s complex marketplace.


“This profound concept serves as a driving force to help in the consolidation
of our work and activities within our school and to
make it a happier and more productive place in which to work.
I commend Paul Hannan and his book to all those who are brave
enough to challenge themselves and change their DNA”
-Professor Denis Wakefeild, Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine UNSW

“The program you facilitated for us was outstanding.
Over the years Paul has had over a thousand written
endorsements where people have taken the time to explain
how the message of You Can Change Your DNA has had an
impact on their lives and their organisations.”
-Mark Cairney, Founder of the Cruising Yacht Club Australia

“We are planning our third and fourth courses. That really
says it all”
-David Tarento, NSW State Manager – Comalco

“Often with highly motivated people, it is difficult to find programs
that will stretch participants as well as educate them. You delivered
a program that did both of these things exceedingly well.”
-J J Tully, General Manager – Retail – Fujitsu

“The development in the MobileNet Sales and Marketing
Management team exceeded all expectations. The
significance of the programme cannot be under-estimated.”
-Gary A Harris, National Project Co-ordinator – Telstra MobileNet

“We discussed the need to debrief and lock in on the dealers
to own a number of our key outcomes. You actually went into
the field, and carried out extensive research so delivery would
be truly customised. The outcome was excellent and all our
team thoroughly enjoyed and still refer to the experience. You
delivered as promised.”
-Bram van der Schaar, General Manager – Sales Volvo Truck Australia

“I recently attended with my team of Regional Managers,
the seminar ‘Life, Living or Losing’ conducted by Paul. This
seminar was more of a working session and very valuable
to me and my team. Paul pulled together key concepts for
success and related them in a way that worked for sales
people and also sales team leaders.”
-Ken Wright, General Manager – Westpac Banking Corporation

“After attending ‘Soul Selling’ and reinforcing what I learnt
through your CD’s, I can now join together all the knowledge
that I have about human nature and all that I have about
business and use them in my day to day life. With results too!”
-Melissa Arnott, Manager of Education and Business Services – Premiere Information Systems